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Why Soccer?

Soccer is fun!  We want to keep it that way by always being
positive.  Every practice and every match should always end with
each and every player leaving the field as a better player and a
better person than when he/she walked on the field.

Our goals are!

-To promote sportsmanship among our children.
-To provide our children with a positive introduction to organized
-To develop stamina and determination.
-To teach positive behavior and attitudes.  Swearing and displays
of temper are not allowed.

YSA offers 3 distinct levels of soccer.  The first level and the foundation for all levels of soccer is our Recreation Division.  In this division all players on the team are required to receive playing time.  Teams are formed based on the school district in which the player lives or attends school.  Practices are generally held at the school in the district the player is registered for.  All matches will be held at the Yadkin County Park.  No tryout is required for this division.

The second level is the Challenge Division.  This division requires players to register for and attend a tryout.  Players are selected to teams based on ability.  These teams have moderate travel with half their matches played at the Yadkin County Park or other YSA facilities and half their matches being played away.  Competition at this level is generally higher than on recreation level.

Last but not least, the Classic Level offers the same benefits as the challenge division with the exception of travel.  Travel can be more extensive in this division as players will travel to several different places to play against the highest competition in North Carolina.  Players also must register for and attend a tryout.

Jason St. John - President
Involved with YSA since 1998 as a coach, director, or board member.  Member of the coaching staff for YSA's 1st and only premier soccer team.


Jacob Trivette - Vice President
Became Director of Recreation in 2012.  Was voted in as Vice President in 2014.

Michael Wilkins - Treasurer

Involved with YSA since 1999 as a coach director, or boards member.

Debbie St. John - Secretary
Joined YSA as a board member in 2016.  Has a son and a daughter that has played on YSA recreation, challenge, and classic soccer teams..

Vacant  - Director of Select
If you are interested in position, please contact Jason St. John at

Vacant - Director of Recreation

If you are interested in position, please contact Jason St. John at