The United States Soccer Federation has mandated that soccer within the United States will be switching from seasonal year registrations to Calendar year registrations. 


Basically, instead of grouping players together on teams that were born August 1st of this year through July 31st of next year, players will be grouped together by calendar year which is January 1st through December 31st.  An example for this year, by the old registration system, a player who turns 7 after August 1st is allowed to play U7.  On the new registration system, any player who turns 7 this current year will be registered at the U8 level.

What about players in the same class at school? 

There will be instances without a doubt where players in the same grade at school will play for 2 different age divisions.  Say for example, Johnny has a birthday on 10/15 and is in the second grade and Suzy has a birthday on 1/15 and is also in the second grade.  Johnny would be playing a year ahead of Suzy due to the calendar year rule.

Does YSA have to conform to this rule?

YSA is a proud member of the North Carolina Youth Soccer Association.  We must abide by NCYSA's governing rules and regulations which includes the calendar year adoption.  NCYSA has to abide by the rules as well as they are part of the USYSA and USSF.

 Where can I get more information concerning calendar year registrations?

More information is available by either clicking the NCYSA logo above or visiting

Click on NC SOCCER LOGO for more information

Classic Boys Tryout Schedule

11U - 14U Boys - Birth years 08 through 11 - 5/24 and 5/28 @ 5:30pm

Classic Girls Tryout Schedule

18U - 19U Girls - Birth years 03 & 04 - 5/16/21 @ 3pm & 5/23/21 @ 3pm

15U - 17U Girls - Birth years 05, 06, 07 - 5/23/21 @ 2:30pm & 5/24/21 @ 6:00

11U - 14U Girls - Birth years 08, 09, 10, 11 - 5/16/21 @ 4:30pm & 5/23/21 @ 4:30pm

Recreation soccer sign-ups will open on Saturday, May 15th.  To register your player for any district, click on the Sports Signup Play link below.  Cost for this year is $80 per player which includes a new uniform for all players as we will be switching styles this year.  You must register your player through Sports Signup and if you want to volunteer to coach, you need to register yourself as well.

USSF Mandates Birth Year Registration

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